The 4 Budgeting Mistakes Most People Make and How to Fix them to Achieve Their Money Goals Faster


Dan & Kay Ockey

Co-Founders - Centsei

Hi! We're Dan & Kay and we're so excited to be bringing you this free online budgeting class!

After feeling like money and budgeting were just too difficult for years in our relationship, (can you relate?) we've finally created budgeting tools and practices that actually work, and taught them to thousands of people.

Today we're inviting you to join us in a free online budgeting class that will teach you how to do the same!

Zach Brittle & Laura Heck

Hosts - Marriage Therapy Radio

In this podcast, straight-talking marriage therapists Zach Brittle and Laura Heck tackle the most common complaints virtually every marriage experience. Along the way, they reveal the science behind strong relationships and talk about what’s really going on for couples.

Topics include conflict, communication, compatibility, money, sex, in-laws, infidelity, time-management, future dreams, and more. If you want relief? A deeper connection? A new way forward . . . ? Then you’ve got to find out what’s REALLY going on in your marriage.

That's why Marriage Therapy Radio is partnering with Centsei: to provide actionable principles for couples who want to improve communication, get on the same page, and reach their financial goals!

In this FREE Training we will show you...


How to address the emotions behind everything you want financially


How to know what goal to focus on and start making real progress


How to avoid having a "cheap" mentality and buy the things you love without guilt


What type of budgeting tracker to use to automate management


How to create a financial plan you both actually agree on, without sacrificing each other's dreams

We used these money techniques to...

Pay off $20,000 of debt in six months as college students

Save a 6 Month Emergency Fund in 3 Months

Max Out our Roth IRAs

Save for our Baby's Medical Expenses in Cash

Save for a Down Payment on a House

And so much more! All in a period of 3 years!

"For me, the frugal vs. cheap mentality was a game changer. I realized I was spending so much unnecessarily!

- Katie S.

"I have never been more excited about budgeting than after watching this training!"

- Kelsey P.

"Building our house right now! Couldn't have been possible without Dan & Kay helping us learn how to save money!"

- Hannah & Jacob


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